The Irony of it all….the legalize cannabis movement

By Sheree Krider 11.12.10

As I am sitting here diligently going thru all of my “google alerts”, I came across a page with three articles listed together which caught my attention.  I thought it quite ironic that the three items came in the same alert…



Foreclosures, bad economy create fertile ground for marijuana ‘grow houses’
Las Vegas Sun
The increase may be attributed to Nevada’s record-high unemployment and foreclosure rates,

which have compelled some financially desperate absentee owners


Nevada pot attempt fails. | The Hive
CARSON CITY — A move to legalize marijuana in Nevada has failed again, the leaders of the

Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws said Monday.


Cannabis Career Institute will be Holding Seminars in Las Vegas to
Cannabis Career Institute will be Holding Seminars in Las Vegas to Teach Medical Marijuana Business

All three articles concern Nevada residents.  Economically, politically and personally.

The articles could be duplicated to include all the states with “Marijuana initiatives” on their ballots this year. 

They failed miserably.



Yet, it has been established through local reporting that the “bad economy” is creating “fertile ground” for grow houses in foreclosed homes…


the “Cannabis Career Institute” is holding seminars in Las Vegas,


the “legalization in Nevada failed again…

What is wrong with this picture???


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