SMKRIDER: In My Opinion

SMKrider: In My Opinion

Posted 10-07-2009 at 02:52 PM by ShereeKrider

On July 4th, Atty. Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley announced their intent to run for the Governorship of KENTUCKY.

Once more we have the chance to elect a educated,
caring, and motivated citizen who has lived here all of his life and
fought continuously for the rights of the people of Kentucky.

He said that this would be his last "run" because he
will be retiring from politics after this election if he does not win
the vote. He also said we need 400,000 votes to indeed win this

His no-nonsense approach to leading the state
includes REAL reform of Education,(" Our C and D students deserve the
opportunity be trained into employability also"), Health Care,
Environment, ("we must insist on reclaiming the land for future use and
restoring the hills and streams to their natural state"), and putting
the vote to the people as far as the "Casino" issue is concerned.

This man has earned the right to run for the
Governor’s office. He has worked long and hard for over 20 years on all
the issues which affect
Kentuckians. He is a very intelligent,
motivated and educated man who I believe, given the chance, can restore
this state to its own natural
beauty both literally and figuratively.

In my lifetime I have yet to see one politician in Kentucky that, in my opinion was not corrupted.

The Cancer rates in Kentucky can be gauged by the
zip code that you live in.

The corruption and mismanagement of taxes
and Federal funding is outrageous.
The healthcare makes you sick,

We live in a state full of Coal Ash Ponds which are causing increased illnesses.

The violent crime and dangerous drugs such as Meth
and Crack Cocaine are rampant. Yet we continue to keep Cannabis/Hemp

I will be voting for Gatewood in the election.

I encourage everyone to view and decide for yourself who will give this state its best chance at survival.

Incidentally, Gov. Brashear and Mayor Jerry Abramson
of Louisville announced THEIR run for the Governor’s office this week.
It was all over the news yet I have yet to see a media announcement on
the news (on any channel) that is reporting Galbraith and
campaign. I wonder why that is?

Wow. Do we really have a choice here? What have
either one of them done for this state’s middle class citizens
Not to
mention the ones of us who are now unemployed, underemployed,
uninsured, and unappreciated!



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